We have a brand new video and HERE IT IS!

Tomorrow, we release a brand new video! Until then, head on over to funnyordie and check out Juice Lyfe. Vote! Share!

Watch it, love it, share it!

We are excited to announce that we will be dropping 3 new videos in the next few weeks, starting with THIS ONE! Check it out, share it, and miss Kaitlin’s face as much as we do! 

A few months ago we were on the always wonderful Sex with Timaree Live Podcast at Tabu, so take a walk down memory lane with us (but pop some earbuds in if you’re at work). And follow Dr. Timaree on Twitter and Sex with Timaree on FB!

We love this video, and all of the people in it! Way to go, Deer Prom, and congrats on the nerdist feature!

This weekend is a big one, including our last shows with two members before they move out west! We will miss you, Jess & Kait! Be sure to pack the house for our last shows with them: Sex with Timaree tomorrow (4/19) @ 8PM, and ManiPedi does Improv at Figment Theater afterwards at 11PM!

And until then, enjoy our newest video! You never can have enough BuzzFeed quizzes, or TS.

"I’m Every Woman" is now on funnyordie! Check it out!  

Check out this Game of Throne’s Drunk In Love parody our very own Corin Wells made! It’s THE SHIT.

Today is a big day! We dropped our newest video last night (see above), and tonight we welcome back founding member themadonnamarie as she performs with her duo Imelda (NYC)  and then joins us for an action-packed Theme Show presents: Makin’ it Rain! 

It all starts at 7:30PM at the Philly Improv Theater! You won’t want to miss ANY OF IT, so BE THERE!.